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Jurann's Silver Thread

prognatus denuo sulum dies

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Star Seeker
Lately the bear spirit of the far north has called to me... Being surrounded by bitter cold has become more than just my environment, but my home - there is warmth and solace to be found inside and in the spirit of love from the past, present and future. Between the stars is a colder place still but there is warmth there on the other side. Those islands of warmth, of life, of spirit are what I seek.

Fringe furry, wannabe artist, music lover, dancer, singer, mechanic, thinker, procrastinator, art apprecianado, lover, mediator, friend, protagonist, theologian, writer, developer, maker of things and improver of other things.

Professionally I work in the internet and gaming industries as a software engineer. I'm currently employed by one of the world's leading digital entertainment companies and work on user interfaces, web services and core application programming. I work closely with design teams and product management to integrate look and feel into one seamless user experience. I really love my work!

I have an expansive mind and set of interests, and am always striving (not always successfully) to improve myself and become a better person. This constant re-awakening and tinkering with myself, my mind, and the world around me makes me very much a dynamic person. I respect and appreciate people with talent and drive, and am always happy to support them and their goals. I love to meet new people and chat, so feel free to IM/text me - I'd love to talk to you. =)

I am a Secular Humanist; we believe in the advancement and survival of the human race through the application of science and knowledge to aid humankind and expand our reach and long-term survivability. One of our most pressing needs to survive as a species right now is to colonize remote worlds and establish self-contained and viable habitation there. As long as we remain on this unstable, singular rock of mud we are extremely vulnerable. Another important challenge we face is world peace, which can be achieved through education, understanding and reason along with the eradication of dogmatic mythology via the same process. To find out more about Secular Humanism, see the Wikipedia Article.

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