Star Seeker (jurann) wrote,
Star Seeker

Road Trip

So, diadexxus and I are planning to take a road trip up to Washington and see a bunch of sights along the way. We're planning to take the Pacific Highway much of the way up, and then come down in the interior. Here's the loose plan (we're looking for ideas and possible changes, suggestions welcome!):

Tuesday, August 2:
Depart 8am headed for Redwoods National Park, eating en route. Arrive at park around 4pm, spend a couple hours there, head up to Crescent City for dinner and to stay the night. 8 hours of driving, long day!

Wednesday, August 3
Explore the dunes and lighthouses along the Oregon coast on the way to Florence, OR then cut east on 126 towards Eugene. Turn north on I-5 to Portland for dinner with friends and stay the night in Washington. Another good 7 hours of driving in one day, but puts us in the area we want to be at the end.

Thursday, August 4
Sweep up through Western Washington. No plans for this day yet... Maybe use part this day to install new servers at colo? Could also swing by Mt. Saint Helens on the way up this day. No overnight plans yet.

Friday, August 5
Hang out in Seattle for the morning, then go to job interview in the afternoon. After that, hang out in Seattle a bit more; see Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, Lower Queen Anne, etc. Maybe dinner and gaming night on the eastside? No overnight plans yet.

Saturday, August 6
Spend the day out on Whidbey Island on Saturday and do dinner with friends (maybe da hosers, eh?) in Mount Vernon. No plans for staying the night someplace yet, probably somewhere around Mt. Vernon.

Sunday, August 7
Go out on the peninsula and visit Monika, Troll Village, etc. in the morning. Head to Leavenworth for Bavarian good times in the afternoon. Stay the night and have dinner at Sleeping Lady Resort in the mountains there.

Monday, August 8
Get up bright and early for gourmet breakfast at Sleeping Lady before hitting Leavenworth for "shopping" and yummy brats for lunch. Head back to Seattle in mid-day then start the trek back south, stopping by Mount Saint Helens (Loowit Latkla) on the way (if not on the way up), then making way towards Crater Lake. Stay the night somewhere near Crater Lake if possible.

Tuesday, August 9
Explore Crater Lake for a bit, then head to Klamath Falls and explore there a bit, then head to Redding for food with a friend, and finish up the last leg home.

We're looking for places to stay (with friends) or (good) cheap motels, etc. for nights we don't have overnight plans yet.
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