Star Seeker (jurann) wrote,
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Banned from FA

So I don't know what kind of stick Dragoneer sat on today, but he decided to ban me from FA today for whatever reasons. The excuses he cited were threats against him and against FA, however I've never done anything of the sort. He also seems to be embellishing the truth most heavily about me and our discussions from the past. Either his ego's gotten completely out of control or he's simply having a bad day and using me as a scapegoat for some recent stress. He claims he has kept all of the chat transcripts and would gladly post them to PROVE all these things he's claimed I've said and done, and honestly I WELCOME HIM TO DO SO. Because I have the same chat logs and what he's claiming are a gross misunderstanding at best and a horrible fabrication at worst. Since he's banned me from FA and not given me anywhere to rebut or defend myself from his attacks and slander on FA where he's made his attacks, I will post them here:

To the claim that I asked to be the sole developer on FA: Total horseshit. I asked that Eevee and ONLY Eevee be dropped from the dev team because he was not a team player and was counter-productive to progressing on Ferrox. Ironically, I heard that some months later he turned out to be a loser who backdoored FA and took off after all. And now I'm hearing that he's working on a site intended to compete with FA as well. Whatever, it would likely be another fchan or lulz or e621...

To the claim that I refused FA's offer of "free hosting for FurBuy": FurBuy strongly values its commitment to users in protecting their personal information, and the 'offer' made by Dragoneer to be hosted with FA was that we move our database and software to THEIR physical machines, grating them root (admin) access to ALL of our data and programs. Given our policies and inability to get a written, signed contract for discrete hosting and accountability of all admins who have access to our software and data, we could NOT in good conscience accept such an offer. Given the amount of security issues with FA and their servers to date, and their downtime to boot, we would not feel comfortable being hosted under their administrative power. Furthermore, FurBuy is written as a scaling system and requires at minimum two physical server machines to run for redundancy and task separation, and FA could not accommodate that.

To the claim that I have somehow "threatened FA continually": Dragoneer has a strange way of taking legal ADVICE as a threat. I politely informed him that the US FTC sets up several rules and guidelines for hosting online sales and auctions, and that FA is not currently setup for that. I never ONCE insinuated to him or alluded to informing the FTC myself or having anyone ELSE do that. It's a simple fact that there ARE rules and guidelines, and they are quite clearly not being followed on FA at present. If Dragoneer wants to change that and make FA a sales site, then more power to him! My messages to him about that topic were basically asking him to either go one way or the other with FA: either go all the way and offer FA sales and auctions, or make it clear that it's not what FA is for. Plain and simple and totally fair IMHO.

I'd like to FURTHER add that the private messages from FA that Dragoneer has sent to others discussing me has been QUITE enlightening (from YiffyLeaks). He has repeatedly slandered me behind my back to other users on FA, and has engaged Yak (one of FA's main devs) in setting up entrapment intended to catch myself abusing the FurBuy account and a special messaging API made for it on FA. Then when we talked about the fact that the system had security flaws with people publicly, he attempted to accuse us of not informing FA admins of the potential to exploit the security holes; when in fact we expressed direct concern over them FROM THE START to Yak, who had coded the system. His response was "don't worry about it, we'll take care of it soon, it will be fine". Don't take MY word for this though, feel free to download the entire YiffyLeaks archive and search for my FA username "jurann" in it and see for yourself. You can also see my private discussion with Dragoneer, which have been civil and friendly with no threats or insinuations ever made.

As for the ban, some messages on FA say it's permanent while others say it's temporary. So I have no idea if or when it might be lifted, so please don't ask me. I simply do not know and have NOT been contacted personally by anyone at FA yet.

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