Star Seeker (jurann) wrote,
Star Seeker

Dear Feminists,

     You talk a lot about gender-equality and breaking down gender walls. You talk a LOT about rape and how men abuse you. You talk about it being a "man's world" where women are marginalized and belittled and tortured and underpaid. And certainly, all of these are bad things, they are immoral and certainly not Egalitarian at all.
     But you seriously need to learn where to draw a line without going TOO far. Once you go beyond equality, you are then into the ugly territory of reverse-discrimination and you become no better than the very thing you're fighting against. Like men, whom you typically vilify fairly unanimously and without parallel, you need to take a moment to try to understand the opposite sex and what makes them what they are. And maybe realize that physically, mentally and genetically men and women are different creatures with different biological imperatives, and come to some compromise.
     There are just some things you CANNOT change, because they are not taught by society or by upbringing or by education or anything else controllable through a careful moderation of the anthropological sphere. Men have a biological imperative to fuck, we want to fuck DAILY if not more frequently, because chemicals drive us to. And no we don't want to take a pill for that or have our gonads removed, the imperative is deeper than that and part of what makes a man a man. That will never change, so please learn to compromise and understand that simple fact - if it disgusts you then you're welcome to find one of the very rare men who isn't interested in that or become a lesbian or simply ignore a heterosexually active life whatsoever.
     Rape, misogyny, abuse and gender-inequality are wrong - and guess what? The VAST majority of men agree with you. So please, don't kick us in the balls because of the bad guys. Judge each person as an individual, which seems to be exactly what you're asking for in return. It's a two way street.
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