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Star Seeker

YiffyLeaks Discussion

I want to talk about YiffyLeaks here.

Dunno what YiffyLeaks is? Let me explain what I have heard... Apparently this guy Arcturus used the recently leaked Gizmodo/LifeHacker password list and applied it to a bunch of FA admin accounts. And one of them was cracked. Apparently, as I had always suspected, all FA admins have access to all notes by all users, even if they have been deleted. So this guy got into an admin account, and proceeded downloading the notes of hundreds of users completely undetected. He built a simple site to post the notes he siphoned along with some simple search routines to find notes, and began posting them up a la WikiLeaks style with a few new users' notes posted every day.

Well, I was in the process of learning who my friends really are today, and suddenly the search function broke, and then a reload of the main page is now showing a US Dept. of Justice SEIZURE notice saying that the site's been seized in accordance with US Copyright and Immigration enforcement divisions of the DOJ based out of the New York field office.

EDIT: Okay, so I have learned that Arcturus just got the notes database from and wrote a nice web interface for browsing and searching them. I don't know who actually cracked an FA admin account to begin with, might have been anon. Still, shame Arcturus took down his site cuz it was really convenient for reading/searching the notes.

So what are people's thoughts? About YiffyLeaks in general, about FA's role in things, about the seizure, etc?
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